Plague inc mod apk
Plague apk- can you infect the world?

Plague Inc Apk is a game by one of the biggest names in the gaming industry. As you have already guessed, Plague Inc is a marvelous game about the simulation of our planet Earth. This game comes with a very unique story, most of the games you play make you the hero and you have to save the world or your princess.

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But in this game, You are a Villian. You have to infect the word with the virus so that you can end the human race. We will talk about the game and gameplay later, first of all, let’s take a look at plague inc mod apk.

What is Plague Inc MOD Apk?

What is Plague inc mod apk?

Plague Inc. MOD apk is the Unlocked version of the plague Inc. game. In the regular game of Plague Inc., you have to unlock the features one by one with the progress of the game and that is time-consuming. With Plague inc mod apk, you can get all the features and in-app purchases for Free.

Features of this Mod Apk

  • Plague inc premium is totally Free of Cost.
  • Plague Inc Download in 1 click.
  • This is the Plague Inc full version.
  • You can get Unlimited DNA with Plague inc mod apk.
  • This is also known as Plague Inc Unlocked.

Plague Inc Apk Download

Enough chatter lets download plague game right into your android phone. Just click on the download button below and your download will be started.

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If you want to download the original Plague Inc apk version then click the button below.

But if you are here for Plague Inc Mod Apk then click the button below to download the latest mod of plague game and enjoy free stuff in it including Unlimited DNA and all unlocked.

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Story Behind the Plague Inc Game

This game is famous because of its incredible story. The game keeps you engage with it and you will find yourself playing Plague inc for very very sessions. So, it is a warning to you that it is a highly addictive game.

You are a villain and you have a very dangerous virus called NECROA, this virus is easy to spread. Your mission is to infect the people around the globe using the Earth stimulation in the game. You will face different challenges while doing this. ( Now you can know that how difficult it is to be a villain.) “smile in the dark”

Challenges that you have to face

The challenges that you will face during the game depends on the difficulty level of the game. The game comes in the 3 difficulty levels.

Plague inc apk
  1. Easy

This level is for beginners as it is quite easy as the name suggests. All the tasks in this game level are very easy, thus you can play on this game level to get to know the basics of the game. During your mission of infecting the people of the world using the virus, the challenges are quite easy, like you can make the virus easily, the people are very unhygienic and the scientist of the city or country are very lazy and they don’t know much about the disease.

2. Medium

Once you will get to know the basics of the Plague Inc, you can play at this level. You have to face almost all the changes at this level, but they are not that difficult to beat. Most of the player love to play the game at the medium level. The doctors and people of the city that you want to infect are aware of the disease at this level. They are a little bit hygienic and you have to find ways to inject the virus in them naturally.

3. Difficult

This is for the pro players. If you are addicted to this game, this is absolutely the level on which you need to play. You will face the maximum number of challenges here. The people of the world are very well aware of the disease and they are also very hygienic at this game level. Moreover, you will find doctors way more powerful and the scientists will definitely cure your virus and you have to make a stronger one. Exciting! isn’t it?

Plague inc apk

Challenges of the game

You have to face other challenges too besides the basic things. Some of the mains tasks that you have to do in the game are the following with details.

-Evolve the Virus

So, you have to infect the world, but you will face a number of challenges doing so. The doctors and the authorities of the countries will evolve themselves and can make the antidote. With time, they will get to know all the details about your virus thus that will be easy for them to make an antidote.

Now, you also have to modify your plan- you have to evolve your virus. You have to make them stronger than ever. You have to make the virus with no cure plus you have to implement and execute the plan as soon as possible.

Making your virus stronger is not that easy. You have to be very strategic about that. You can do research like what they are doing. You can use the rule of reverse engineering, you have to read their newspaper and thus you will get to know that what they are making. In this way, you can make a better virus, or you can evolve the existing specimen.

-Create the Virus

This is the part of the Plague Inc game, where your biology knowledge will come handy. As a beginner, you should start with the bacteria. There are 7 types of pathogens that you can create, but the higher you go, the higher the knowledge you need to create it the best way.

There are many perks and cons of each plague type, you will get to know with time. But one thing is clear, the more complex thing you create, the more difficult it will be for the doctors of the world to cure it.

Plague inc apk


After playing for many hours, I can definitely say that this is a very addictive game with some very good aesthetics. You should definitely try this. If you are going to play this game for the first time, I will recommend you to download the original version. Once you will get to know the basics of the game then you can download the Plague Inc Mod Apk.

Plague inc mod apk